KISSAKALMS translates to ""Japanese café"" in English, and that is exactly what this is – a “self-service” vending café for you to get your fix! This automated café has everything you could possibly be craving, from coffee, tea, soft drinks, and fruit juice to potato chips, cookies, biscuits, fruit jelly, chocolates and candy. All our snacks and drinks are imported directly from Japan and 100% authentic. Don’t forget to drop by a KISSAKALMS machine near you today, because café-hopping has taken on a whole new meaning.


Relish in a unique epicurean experience with our premium WAFU bento boxes. With a menu that is specially curated by our team of Japanese culinary experts, WAFU meals embody hundreds of years of Japanese tradition and quintessential Japanese home-cooking. Our meals are made with nothing but the finest and most luxurious ingredients imported directly from Japan, including Wagyu beef and Hokkaido snow crab, so that we can offer you the richest and most delicate flavours. Our signature bento, the Wagyu Don, features tender Wagyu beef slices cooked in our signature dashi stock, served on a fluffy bed of Japanese rice. Enjoy world-class gourmet meals anywhere and anytime you please, from your lunch break at work to the comfort of your own home."


tREAts! is dedicated to the celebration of dynamic and robust flavours of Asia and Singapore’s cultural heritage. With tREAts!, we want to offer you comfort food that reminds you of home. tREAts! boasts a wide variety of local favourites with its Minute Meals, with menu items such as the Butter Chicken Biryani, Mee Goreng, Thai Basil Minced Chicken and Kampong Fried Rice. tREAts also offers an extensive range of unforgettable “old-school” Singaporean snacks and confectionary. Take a trip down memory lane with these delicious and nostalgic light bites. We source for the best ingredients and recreate timeless recipes so that YOU can continue to enjoy the best of Singapore’s cultural heritage. "


What a treat ice-cream is when it is summer all year round! Our YUKIYAMA ice-cream vending machine brings Japanese favourites to you at your convenience. Available 24 hours a day, you can treat yourself to delicious frozen treats like creamy gelato, fruity popsicles, and mochi ice-cream any time you like. Indulge in household ice-cream brands in Japan such as GariGari Kun, Coolish, and Lotte Sandwich Ice-Cream Sandwich. Watch out for seasonal flavours for limited time periods only!


Coffee and tea connoisseurs, we promise that our selection won't disappoint. We use only 100% Arabica coffee beans which produces coffee that is full-bodied, rich and well-balanced, and tea powder made from the highest quality tea leaves. With over 15 different types of beverages to choose from our KOFE beverage machine, hot and cold, customers are spoiled for choice. Fancy a bite with your coffee? Visit our KOFE+ vending machines to experience both our KOFE beverage machine AND meal/snack vending machines. Perfect for a pick-me-up!