Yes, you may buy (and lease) our vending machines. For enquiries on the prices of our vending machines, kindly contact us at enquiries@kalms.com.sg and we would be happy to meet up with you to have a discussion.

Yes, you may apply for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) if you meet Enterprise Singapore’s criteria. The EDG funds up to 70% of your costs.
We have hot beverage vending machines, refrigerated vending machines and freezer vending machines for lease/sale. Please submit your requirements to enquiries@kalms.com.sg and we will provide you with a catalogue.
Yes, definitely. Our technical team will assist you with the configuration of the products. At the same time, we will provide feedback to you on which type of vending machine best suits your type of products.
We also provide customisation services and can modify the machines to fit your requirements.
Vending machine capacity differs depending on the type of machine used and the size of the product stocked, however, our vending machines can hold up to 100 different selections.
Our vending machines are manufactured and assembled with components from different parts of the world, including Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and China.
Our vending machines only take cashless payments, which are safer and more secure. This also allows us to dispense with the need to manually and routinely collect cash from on-site machines. We accept payments from EZ Link and concession cards, NETS FlashPay, Visa PayWave, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, American Express and so forth.
Yes, however we will charge a fee for our in-house graphic team to prepare the design of the “skin” of the machine and to have it installed on the vending machine.